Hear what our customers have to say

“JT Electric has been performing electrical work on our construction projects for over 40 years and I am extremely pleased with their work. They are one of the best companies I have worked with as they always provide high quality services with great people that make work fun! I highly recommend JT Electric as your first choice electrician.”
Leo M. Sand, Sand Companies, Inc.

“JT Electric has very knowledgeable, well-trained people who do the job right the first time. Our work deals with flammable Liquids so we screen our electrical subcontractors carefully and JT always comes out on top.”
Joe Radermacher, Pump and Meter Service

“We have worked with JT Electric since 1982, with our first project being a self-service car wash. That was the beginning of a lifelong relationship with one of the best electrical contractors in the area. They have done many projects for us over the years such as: self-serve car wash (1982), remodeling a manufacturing building (1986), new home (1992), remodeling another manufacturing building (1995), remodeling a car dealership (1997), building a new dealership (2001), remodeling a 1899 building (2005), addition on manufacturing building (2008), construction of storage building (2010), construction of a body shop (2015), total renovation of over 10,000SF of a building built in 1900 (2018), Top Tracer facility (2020). They also converted almost all of these projects to LED lights over time as well. This is just to mention a few of the projects we have been involved with JT Electric. They’re reliability, quality, and attention to detail is second to none. If you are looking for an electrical contractor that will price competitively, stay on schedule, and provide exceptional service—JT is the one.”
Bryan Schiffler, A life-long customer

“The team at JT Electric continues to prove themselves as one of the best out there. Quality workmanship, knowledge, and professionalism is why we continue to count on JT Electric for our key projects.”
Brian Larson, Zahl-Petroleum Maintenance Co.